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MediaTek: use the "machine" to adjust

Early in the day, MediaTek Inc. Company Chairman Cai Ming Kai brought together 78 senior executives together to learn new work, Ram Charan, "On the economic turmoil era leadership ability", and asked each manager at least submit two-page reading experience.

By the financial crisis, in 2008 the global semiconductor industry since 2001, the first negative growth, according to SIA data, the 2008 global semiconductor revenue in 2007 fell 2.8%, while 2009 will be the global semiconductor industry nearly 20 years, the most difficult year, "at the bottom throughout the year." Cai Ming Kai think so.

As Taiwan's largest chip design company, MediaTek 2008 sales of more than 90 billion Taiwan dollars, up 12.5% over 2007, although the full year results beat the market, but in the fourth quarter, MediaTek's revenues are effects of the financial crisis and the off-season, under the double impact of a 26.4% sequential decline, the main product line revenues have declined. At the beginning of this year, Cai Ming Kai in an open letter to all employees by warning employees to 2009, MediaTek achieved growth in the past, will be a considerable challenge, he took the lead with all the Registrar level and above 10% charge reduction .

As the chip design industry's most dazzling star, since the second half of last year, MediaTek to adjust the product line, the implementation of focused strategies, new products and other measures to prepare for the winter.

However, MediaTek's base - the Mainland market, Binglie squeak has in mind.

Defending base

From the second half of 2008, Qualcomm and more than 30 domestic handset manufacturers signed a CDMA chip licensing agreement, many of whom are MediaTek field in GSM fan. May 2008, the Chinese telecom industry restructuring, China Telecom, China Unicom's CDMA received the original license, on the long-awaited mobile services for the Chinese mobile phone market, China Telecom has brought the biggest variable. In the energetic efforts of China Telecom, CDMA mobile phones under the influence of a financial crisis, domestic mobile phone market, one of the few bright spots, a large number of domestic mobile phone manufacturers entered the CDMA handset market, the GSM chip provider, MediaTek, this is not What good news.

MediaTek Mainland China handset chip market's major suppliers, mainly depend on its launch of the Turnkey-Solution-stop solution, this solution not only to provide chip, will the software platform, third-party applications, development tools, All technical programs available to the terminal manufacturers. To help customers develop products faster, MediaTek also allow technicians to go to the client, the client always find and solve problems. Turnkey-Solution of the one-stop solution for subversion of the mobile phone chip market rules of the game.

As Turnkey-Solution reduces the difficulty and cost of mobile phone development, a time of surging domestic mobile phone market, attracting a large number of capital and firms to enter. Especially in the Pearl River Delta, supporting a comprehensive, strong production capacity of the great engine electronics manufacturing industry was MediaTek start, MediaTek, though not "cottage phone" was first, but as the culmination of mobile phones fueled the cottage.

However, by 2008, the wind has changed.

By the end of 2008, is currently the largest mobile phone supplier Amagatarai announced Qualcomm in 2009 and co-operation will focus on CDMA mobile phones and China Telecom. In fact, from the second half of 2008, days of language development will be focused on the mobile phone CDMA mobile phone, a large number of R & D personnel to work as CDMA mobile phones, which led directly to GSM handsets in the second half-day language significantly reduced the number of new models. Day language is MediaTek mobile phone in the country's largest customer, is MediaTek Turnkey-Solution-stop solution for one of the beneficiaries, but now increasingly plump wings "students" began to break free of MediaTek's arms.

"MediaTek customers gradually matured over the past MediaTek compared with European and American firms, advantages are obvious, but now customers couplet made more demanding subjects, and along with the growth of our customers has been gradually equipped with MediaTek strong words of strength. "who is familiar with MediaTek in the industry think so. This trend is also reflected in the days of cell phones and MediaTek language co-operation. Present-day English has established a mobile phone more than 600 R & D team, in the realization of certain functions, has begun to go beyond MediaTek's Turnkey-Solution. Such as MediaTek's platform does not support the 8 million-pixel CCD optical camera, but the days of cell phones have achieved language. "MediaTek is a day of language teachers, but now days the student language cell phone, to give their responses a." Days, said Rong Xiuli, chairman of English phones.

Fixed on the smart phone market

Face the challenges of the market and customers, MediaTek will be placed on the Chinese 3G market growth and smart phones. September 2007, MediaTek acquired ADI's handset chip business, ADI thus obtained in the field of TD-SCDMA and WCDMA all business. In 2008, MediaTek has "won" TD-HSDPA and TD-HSUPA two industry technical problems. In the mobile terminal before the two TD tender, a "joint core / MediaTek" chip solutions (MediaTek chip hardware provided, together provide the core software platform) and over half of end products, while the WCDMA scheme has also been in the customer side validation, scheduled to launch.

But MediaTek over the country, although the 3G licenses have been issued, but in 3G mobile phones type heavy volume growth, at least the middle of 6 to 12 months, and in 2009, Cai Ming Kai more attention to smart phone market. MediaTek announced the first smart phone solutions, MT6516 continuation of its "integrated" advantage, the video decoding, mobile TV and other multimedia applications into a single chip, replacing the previous need for two or more chips can be completed function. The chip upon release, immediately drew in the cottage industry attention, media comments, "cottage phone into smart times in 2009."

In the smart phone market, MediaTek will face the same challenges HTC of Taiwan manufacturers. As the world's largest smart phone manufacturers, HTC smart phones occupy most of the domestic market share. But analysts are generally optimistic about MediaTek prospects in the field of smart phones, mainly because of MediaTek's mobile phone market, especially in the domestic market cottage appeal, and its more integrated single-chip solution, and Turkey-Solution one-stop service, domestic mobile phone makers will quickly develop into the field of smart phones. As more familiar with China market and Chinese customers, MediaTek is likely to replicate in the smart phone market, the success of GSM market.

In fact, the mobile phone market has become MediaTek financial haven in times of crisis. Cai Ming Kai-that "field of opportunities for wireless communication chips are relatively large, great momentum," Although MediaTek ready in 2009 to take a more cautious hiring plans, but Cai Ming Kai also consider increasing the mobile phone sector, technical support personnel, but also in The market still wider area waiting for MediaTek to explore.

Xinjiang to open up land

Cai Ming Kai couplet Fake selected markets have several definitions: first, to a large market size, in addition to high technical threshold. MediaTek's products currently involved in optical storage, DVD, digital TV, mobile phones and GPS, but enter the mobile phone chip market, the Cai Ming Kai found that MediaTek's products have been able to do less and less. More importantly, the financial crisis, MediaTek's product plans are also affected. "Consumer products, such as optical drive, DVD players and TV chip, the product lines are ready, but because of recession, from the DVD over to Blu-ray DVD's over time the introduction of new products, not so fast speed." Cai Ming Introduction think so.

"Some of the smaller scale of the product, I would consider not to pull back, the pace slowed down, or put some resources on a large scale, opportunities for large product line." The mobile phone market is the opportunity to see where Cai Ming Kai . MediaTek's market strategy also will change: in no hurry to find the next market, but ready to existing products as a platform to launch more chips. Such as mobile phones based on this platform can carry which products. Currently, the United Nations Development coqui in the mobile phone platform shipments of Bluetooth chips have more than one million, in addition to MediaTek also offers from the Wi-Fi, radio, FM radio cell phone needs, including almost all the chips. With the domestic manufacturers in the influence of MediaTek mobile phone market will continue to deep plowing.

In 2006, MediaTek language on the phone with Lenovo and the days begin to open up overseas markets. In 2008, although most of the decline in chip design company performance, but MediaTek is because in India, Russia, Brazil and other emerging markets to expand and maintain a sustainable growth trend. In Cai Ming Kai-view, emerging markets have the opportunity to lead the recovery in the future to maintain its rapid growth has always been, and MediaTek should try to seize these opportunities. According to MediaTek's data, in 2008 China's mobile phone export more than doubled in 2007, 2009, MediaTek is expected that 35% of the chips will be exported as domestic mobile phone manufacturers around the world, but also take advantage of international brands European and American markets, MediaTek chip program also gradually penetrate.

Currently, MediaTek to provide the chip has entered the mobile phone carrier Vodafone, and Orange and T-Mobile will also be based on MediaTek's mobile phone chips, MediaTek is moving from China to the world. Although only the top five handset makers LG use MediaTek chips, but Cai Ming medium that is only a transitional problem.

"We came relatively late time, been trying to catch up with Europe's technology, Nokia being the world's largest companies, it is to believe you this supplier's overall ability, not just technical skills, but also a brand image and so on. As we have done earlier CD-ROM chip, are also beginning Lite, Kwong Ming Taiwan companies to use, but after 2067, almost all overseas manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, etc. CD-ROM, DVD or even television, all use our chips. "

For mobile phone chip market ranked No. 4 in the MediaTek, it's upside potential is still very great. And this financial crisis will be the biggest test of MediaTek.

Cai Ming Kai said: "Despite the downturn in the market, but also a relatively good investment opportunity with the potential of technology, we must continue to develop new technologies and new markets, the courage to face the challenges of winter, while you prepare for spring arrival. "

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CDP: Super snapshots - the ultimate ownership

From this article you can learn: the definition of two different CDP, each camp provides a firm and continuous data protection products and how the different snapshots.

Although continuous data protection (CDP) is a snapshot of the logical extension, but compare the two technologies have two questions. The first issue is the meaning of CDP is not yet determined; The second issue is CDP and snapshots of the current trend is the continuous integration. CDP provides a continuous, ongoing system of records stored in the state - an effective sustained continuously updated snapshot. And from time to time copies of data and storage data of different snapshots, CDP continued to capture and store data, save the changes in each store.

Many manufacturers offer a CDP product, but the characteristics of these products are different, they have differences about what is the CDP. Therefore, the storage administrator must study in detail each of these products and understand the features of the product manufacturer.

There are two definitions for the CDP, each definition has its corresponding supporters. The first camp by some mainstream, new and small CDP vendors, such as Mendocino Software and Revivio companies they think have a certain point in time reconstruction of the function is very important for the definition of CDP; The other camp, including Veritas, EMC company, that CDP is a snapshot with data replication function.

Revivio CDP is a typical small-company representatives. His product, called continuous protection system (CPS), the time when the data changes, the block-level data replication and data records to track when the time stamp was changed. When the reconstruction of the event trigger, the Storage Manager, select the specific event to reconstruct the data. Revivio system was rewritten by those who do not block data and block data altered the composition of the two together constitute the system's image. When the administrator verify that the image is correct when the application is usually run in the background to rebuild the system data. When reconstruction is complete, the system again to change back to the monitor and store the status block.

You might think CDP is actually a snapshot of a more mature features, and comes with a number of other features, such as from a certain point in time reconstruction of data. This is to CDP for many storage administrators are very attractive. However, CDP has some typical shortcomings. For example, it is not a snapshot, as different systems require different storage CDP and CDP applications require different.

Perhaps the greatest disadvantage for the CDP is that it is still a new thing, and a lot of things not yet conclusive. Perhaps in another 1 year to 2 years, we can expect the market to provide some more standard CDP products and features, and product data snapshot can be obtained from the CDP more features.

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3G operators scramble for promotion blind users Costly

"Give away one of Telecom CDMA mobile phone, gift card 133 includes a 300 yuan bill, they direct-dial long-distance market would have two horn / min, free monthly rent; another bike, electric stove, Taiwan tea can choose one, all only 398 yuan. "Is that realistic? now, almost three operators of the promotion" crazy. "

Operator: blind Promotions

In order to maximize the fight for customers, seize market opportunities, Mobile, Unicom, Telecom had employed every means, buy a mobile phone to send the bill, deposit Hua Fei sent the bill, sent to mobile phones or gift deposit Hua Fei, preferential tariff packages to upgrade promotion price reduction, etc. common. The back, the three operators, "gift," continued the stakes in a great tendency on the 3G a go.

In fact, objectively speaking, operators engaged in promotional activities to attract more users can network, to some extent increase market share, expand brand awareness for future full-blown 3G services basis. Only, not an end in itself, promotion, such promotion at the local blood seems too blind.

"3G is not bad money, carriers lose money earn shouted." Operators spending a large amount of money, spend money on the user, the first result of their profit margins squeezed. According to report, by the impact of 3G investment spending, by 2009 three quarters of the profit status of the three operators are not ideal. Particularly in telecommunications, the first three quarters of profits for the 11.392 billion yuan, down 33.9% over the same period last year.

In addition, with the full upgrade promotional war, disputes between operators is also increasing. As the mobile, telecommunications, Unicom launched 3G in-house are full promotion, in order to complete the promotion task, some employees out of Henzhao, or even Sun Zhao, telecommunications battles and killings, all kinds of extreme popularity of illegal competition.

User concerns: wolf

Operators to engage in promotional give away phone bill, the consumer is no doubt a good thing. However, such a ridiculous but everyone was incredible promotion. The sky will not fall out, a user is suspected of wire fraud, as well as the user directly call wolf!

So, faced with the unexpected generosity of promotion operators, most of the consumer mentality is a contradiction. One is afraid of being 蹇芥偁, heart but not action; Second, worry and to the promotion of product quality network and service after the network signal problems.

Experts pour cold water on

In terms of the operators, promotion is only a supplementary means for the user. In addition to heavy promotion, the operators should focus on business innovation, to avoid out of line with consumer demand. Telecom experts, Li Gang, said the results of short-term promotions Although 3G users will increase, but the concession period, the user will choose natural or more appropriate in their own way. In addition, the use of pull-back price war and low purchasing power of users, the profit for the operator contribution would be minimal. He stressed that only the effective development of real quality, loyal users, to achieve revenue growth.


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Proper way to make money: to be a know how to "lose money," the dealer

Chu Lu'an City of Anhui Province, is a dealer engaged in food operations, introduced by someone else, he knew the food company A company's chairman Yang. A company is an enterprise instant noodles just start soon. After the exchange, Mr Chu is determined to make A's distributor.

Soon, as a quality accident, A company dealing in the market for the products in question, all of a sudden huge loss occurs. For a fresh start for a company not long, the loss of almost fatal: many dealers saw something bad, have chosen to give up, A company once almost lost all the dealers.

At this critical moment the most difficult, Mr Chu has chosen to stand together and A company, not only did not give up the right to operate the company's products, but their money to deal with market problems, the company has not made any demands.

Zhu This mainly for two reasons: first, through the distribution period of time, he found A company's products have a broad market. Business enterprises with competitive products when compared to clear differentiation and competitive, and business-to-market product development concept to grasp, and can do a good grasp.

Second, A's market is mainly in Henan, Anhui, products after a problem, put a lot of money and manpower to solve the problem. The problem occurred two months, Mr. Zhu A company estimates at least 500 million yuan investment funds dealing with the aftermath. 5 million yuan, not only shows a certain strength of the company A, but shows good market A company is sincere.

Zhu won the support of A's trust in the delivery, he has been even greater concessions from the A's. Over the past six months after the storm died down, A company's rapid sales growth, has now reached more than 3,000 yuan a month in sales. Chu Although only a small distributor, sales of 4 500 thousand yuan per month, but in the preferential policies, the profits can still be considerable.

Since then, Mr. Zhu has repeatedly put forward reasonable suggestions to help A Company management, to improve it. In order to continue to make A's management close to the market, Mr. Zhu proposed to set up distributors in politics committee, was quickly adopted by the company A, he also became the Chairman of the Committee not take a salary.


Although start looking at some "stupid", but the reality proved that Zhu's choice is correct. A continued increase in post-market investment, maximize the benefits of him in the company's products in short supply, Mr. Zhu has also been a variety of benefits A company.

Dealers in the choice of objects, both on the market in which to make judgments, but also the strength of enterprises, strategic planning to make judgments, so that can help you see the face of difficulties, or difficulties in respect of the termination of a business co-operation , then the business after the recovery and growth will not be thinking of you.

In addition, make reasonable suggestions to the company, not only can help the enterprise, more importantly, can help to their own.

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Kaspersky Lab set up regional offices in Canada

A leading provider of information security solutions - Kaspersky Lab announced the formal establishment of regional offices in Toronto, Canada. The new office is headed by Kevin Krempulec responsible, Kaspersky Lab will focus on business development in the region and sales support.

Kaspersky Lab regional head of Kevin Krempulec Canada

Canada is North America Kaspersky Lab to continue to build a major regional distribution network, and Kaspersky Labs's security solutions market in Canada has made tremendous sales growth. Canada's vice president of sales Kevin Krempulec will lead the new office as partners and customers of all Canadian direct link to business.

Before the 鍔犲叆鍗″反鏂熀 laboratory, Kevin Krempulec President has acted in Net Integration Technologies vice president of sales and marketing. The company develops and markets a Linux-based platform for enterprise applications. Before that, Kevin Krempulec worked for Symantec, Mr., held several senior positions during the period. He was twice selected by Computer Dealer News of "Canada's most newsworthy of the 25 outstanding IT executives list". The appointment of Kaspersky Lab's Kevin Krempulec channel experienced in the region and vice president of sales, it shows that Kaspersky Lab North America, Canada and the channel partners and partner attention.

Kaspersky Lab CEO Steve Orenberg Americas, said: "Over the past three years, Kaspersky Lab's growth rate in North America is commendable. We have been listening to our customers and partners demand, so This crucial step was taken, that is a direct presence in Canada, the establishment of regional offices. This will be much closer to our customers and business partners with Canada the distance between the ease of Kaspersky Lab to provide high quality service and support. "

Kevin Krempulec said: "In Canada, we still have a wide open space and not good opportunity. Kaspersky products have been obtained in Canada, recognized throughout the country, I strongly believe that the future for our partners and provide better service, greater development. "



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How to promote sales will not die

For a long time, "not to die promotions, promotional court death", that is popular with the FMCG market, in particular, many manufacturers and distributors drinks beverages unit, which is enshrined as the law of the industry, perhaps to really taste the bitterness scared, and many drinks beverage distributors on the promotion is the love-hate relationship. Recently, I drink beverages on the market investigation, draw some conclusions of their own, only some reference.
How to promote sales will not die

Why promote sales will become dead?

First, the promoters erroneously narrow understanding of marketing to promote behavior led to the failure.

Many of the practitioners of the trade promotion in the understanding of the term, they often will simply be understood as "bargains", "buy a gift," "bundled sales" opportunities for all of the marketing practices all around such a theme. Is the concept of promotion is only limited to it? This is obviously not true. But if we just think this promotion is just for all N repetitions, businesses and consumers have no passion and interest in, promotions can only be reduced to "promote the dead."

In fact, before long, the industry's predecessors have long had a detailed marketing strategy and research division, summed up down roughly into the following eight:

1. For free promotion: refers to the target customers of charge as a promotional tool. It includes two forms:

A, free bonus - a "reward package" main. For example: buy a big bottle of liquor products gift bottle, washing powder regularly

"Adopted dosage does not increase," and so on.

B, free trial - "free sample" main. For example: paper towels, shampoo and other frequently used test issued the streets


2. Favors promotion: refers to the target customers to buy products in a kind of preferential treatment given promotions. For example: liquor in the season, usually using the "buy two get one free" form.

3. Discount promotions: refers to the target customers to buy products, given the price discounts of different forms of promotions.

For example: the cosmetics industry often uses the form of promotional discounts.

4. Contest promotions: refers to the use of people's Victory and curiosity, through the organization of interesting and intellectual competition, to attract target customers, as a promotional tool. For example: advertising language collection, logo design collection, essay contests, translation contest belong to such promotions.

5. Activities Promotion: refers to the product sales through the organization of related activities to attract more customer attention and participation in the promotions. For example: pulse, strength and other functional drinks running in the street dance competition held across the country and the other in basketball.

6. A win-win promotion: refers to two or more markets through joint promotion of the main ways to achieve mutual benefits of promotions. For example: a particular brand of ice tea drinks Lenovo mobile phone combined with a series of promotional activities.

7. Services Promotions: refers to protect customer interests and to provide a preferential service for customers and facilitate customers to buy and consumer promotions. For example: In the wedding wine, the number of manufacturers will offer free home delivery service.

8. Combined sales: refers to two or more together with the use of sales promotion in order to achieve more efficient marketing tool. Between a variety of promotions, there will be a variety of links to the form of two or more together to play a more unpredictable role.

If we start before the promotion, it is fully conscious of the various promotions, and then scan the current common market promotions and marketing competing products form, this then choose their own based on market conditions and targeted promotions, the effect will be more with less.

Second, choose marketing tactics simply imitate rivals when the market trend or simply follow the copy.

Said sales on the imitation, or may not say what the "black land", as a low-end liquor brands, "black land" can be swept across the North China market. The "black land" use the best marketing tactics is the "free bonus" gifts of course, is lighter. "Black land" swept the North, the number of brands to see the lighter, they will be a period of time was all the wine can be made out lighter, but also a new style of hard, quality problems are prominent. Consumers now look at their total weight of the drawer to a few kilograms lighter also urge you to such promotions? So manufacturers of promotional items has changed, send cars baskets, delivering newspapers, and the milkman ... ...

Is simple to follow suit and imitate it, and no new ideas can not form a segment of the competitive products, Moreover, the market probably has long been cash-strapped former plundered. Even if some update is a new name, does not address the substantive issues, consumers are still at the "promotion fatigue" in the state. Therefore, the promotion had nothing wrong, but by a man with too much lost its effectiveness.

Again, the role of the market over staff promotions worship, relaxation processes of other marketing efforts, no systematic marketing plan, leading to unstable factors in the price system and, ultimately, fall short.

Lots of times, a number of marketing personnel in accordance with market conditions, try to figure out consumer psychology, and carefully make a nice big promotion strategy. However, the problem emerged, promotion strategy is too successful, a large number of consumers are mobilized. Or buy a gift or discount, or store activities, etc., the whole market Gaode full swing, suddenly raised the awareness of products, sales also increased. Thus, promoters that the market has started, as long as the completion of this phase of the promotion, market position can be initially established. The result is that sales and normal sales period over period of no good, the prices of products consumers actually have been a psychological orientation, when sales return to normal when no one actually pays the bill was.

Overall, the role of promotion include: shortening the process of product market; encourage consumers to buy the first time, to achieve the purpose of use; encourage users to purchase, build consumer habits; increase sales; aggression with aggression competition; bring relevant product market ; festival rewards and other aspects. No matter how to see, promotions are just a small part of the marketing process, if the time from the beginning of the promotion on the high hopes, neglecting other aspects of the convergence of marketing, will form a top-heavy situation. The more exciting promotions, the situation is more dangerous, when the promotion ended, the problems will be followed, the result becomes promotions "to promote death."

How to avoid promoting or dead?

When we "promote death," because a series of analysis, the crux of the problem would clear up, as long as we pay attention to their daily work, "to promote death" avoidable tragedy, or at least not quite dead rush.

1, system understanding, the use of promotions, marketing strategies to achieve the systematic, flexibility and diversity, to enhance their promotional innovation.

Understanding of the promotion system in the form and function, this treatment can clear the market in each sales boom, on a variety of promotions for flexible combination of the use or application. As Tian Ji race, as most of their own need to change the composition of elements, but what the market can make the most appropriate combination of elements to adjust, just like carbon so that it can be several hundred dollars a ton of coal, also can be a few hundred dollars per carat of diamonds, their fundamental difference is only a combination of different components of it.

In addition, is innovation. In fact, innovation can also have two: First, innovation and new marketing methods, tactics and even philosophy; second way is to have the use of innovation. The former is of course very difficult, it is equivalent to opening a new development in their path, and since the moment of birth that can produce a qualitative leap. The second is more easily implemented, the key is giving top priority, as the liquor industry from the initial to the final machine to send the fire send U.S. dollars to send Xin Matai travel, regardless of the ultimate outcome, is finally a breakthrough and most valuable innovation is from this attempt produced.

Second, a correct understanding of the role of marketing, sales promotion means clear where the appropriate stage in the introduction of policies for promotion.

When we grasp the precise role and significance of marketing where the real will of course understand what kind of market launch stage of what kind of promotions. Morphine can be just as critical to help patients relieve pain, when to spend upset, but if the abuse is devastating human catastrophe. Therefore, understanding the full promotion, promotion of skilled grasp the different stages of the form and intensity in a better position to achieve the effectiveness of promotional behavior, but does not cause the situation to promote death.

Third, promotion is an active, aggressive market behavior, we should give full play to the operator's subjective initiative.

In the current FMCG market, more and more large stores embodiment of the superiority of its terminals, so the market position of large stores also gradually above the top suppliers. Every year, the store will be more competitive as a terminal or seasonal needs, holiday launch of a variety of factors such as large-scale promotional campaign, which usually makes such a promotional supplier in zero profits or negative profit situation. Faced with this situation is even more need for supplier sales representatives can fully play their own initiative, to plan for it ahead of time, such as the practice according to the store in advance to prepare for the market at the expense of non-mainstream products, or well in advance in the price of other remedial measures, which is a passive marketing as active attacks.

Fourth, do the normal sales promotion and linking.

Promotions always just one phase of market behavior, the reason why there are "promoting death" phenomenon also explains marketing itself showed double-edged sword form, while it can boost sales, but also to sacrifice a part of the profit or the product itself is the sacrifice of some invisible brand equity. Therefore, in order to avoid any marketing side effects, especially in new products, do a good job of promotion into normal and growth of sales prices and sales strategy, dealer strategy, promotional strategy and so need to have a good excessive and convergence. And this is often the cycle of market behavior, can converge properly, will be the guaranteed price system stability, a key selling as smooth.

5, appear to eliminate competitors targeted marketing strategies and market speculation there.

Not long ago I had seen such a message, a home appliance store in the local delivery of tens of thousands of promotional campaigns were actually being reported all the folders acquisition. Often before the instigation of some people there will be speculation rival dealers, promotional products on their own to "buy", and then took the opportunity to drop price of malice, causing the market price system instability. Although much of such things, but they are nothing but disaster can bring devastating, so had to prevent. To establish an effective market surveillance organization or necessary.

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Fortinet was the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded three new patents Services

Fortinet (Fortinet) has announced that the network design with the invention, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Bureau (USPTO) recently granted three patents the company Fortinet. These patents to Fortinet's IP and patent number even more impressive, with ownership of these important patents, can better meet the telecommunications operators and service providers demand.

In the network system, can complete the virtual router failover in the Fortinet system was awarded U.S. Patent No. 7,096,383; packet routing system has been granted a patent, Patent No. 7,111,072; through a distributed provider edge device support methods and multi-user system was granted a patent, patent number 7,116,665. In addition to these three new patents in addition, Fortinet also more than 60 patents in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Bureau's approval process.

"For most of telephone companies and service providers, based on operator or 'clouds multicast' virtual encryption and other services have become their first choice, because it allows them to deploy security services reasonably, and thus lower costs , "Fortinet's founder and CEO Xie Qing (Ken Xie) mentioned," These new patents will not only increase the number of Fortinet's intellectual property rights, and by publishing technical and service excellence, so that we can get another in the high-end market were great achievements. "

Out of the strong concern about the high-end market, Fortinet multi-threat security systems through the introduction of the FortiGate 鈩?series of products successfully meet the needs of service providers, including: telephone companies, mobile operators and managed security services provider (MSSP ). Fortinet FortiGate-5000 series as the industry's only with the Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA)-compliant security systems on the market tight. With worldwide sales, IDC confirmed that Fortinet has successfully become the fastest growing high-end market, network security vendors.

Through the integration of eight essential security applications and services - including firewall, virus protection, virtual private network (VPN), intrusion prevention (IPS), anti-spam, anti-spyware, web content filtering and traffic shaping, Fortinet The FortiGate systems provide a comprehensive Web site and content protection. Provided by Fortinet's FortiGuard 鈩?subscription services, the system can be kept automatically updated, this update to ensure anytime, anywhere access to defense the latest viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other threats.


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