Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to Ubuntu equipment Chinese character library

Currently, Ubuntu's Chinese character library or Taiwanese out of (text Ding Times New Roman font), however, that while you can, print often wrong (a blank character spaces). Let Ubuntu is humiliated, how do?

As we all know, Ubuntu is a Linux distribution for the whole of mankind, instead of supporting the Chinese character library come from? Look Canonical company? Definitely not. Even gave us a fine example of the Chinese character library, who would not appreciate. Chinese government departments concerned to find it? Definitely not. Obviously, the Government has not the necessary obligations. So, how should we do?

Alphabetic writing, dozens of letters on it, the problem easy to handle. Hieroglyphics on the trouble. Looking back 20 years ago, when the DOS Chinese character library, 16 and 24 dot matrix dot matrix, when the people's copyrights and very weak, easily make use of them even had a set out. Now the situation is different, and generally use the vector font, high development costs. In fact, even if you are a legitimate XP users, but also the Chinese character library can not be brought into XP to Ubuntu to use (of course, certainly can be used). So in the end how to do Chinese characters library equipment Ubuntu?

Ten years ago, I met in Changsha Huatian Han characters patent holder Professor Zeng Dongchu. I saw the vector character of the production process are indeed not easy to spend a lot of manpower and resources, and no special authoring tools is almost impossible. The fact that I deeply understand that the real application of Chinese character library is not completely "open source" for people to freely use. However, Ubuntu is a Linux-oriented distribution of all mankind, how can that be done?

Solve this problem, only the Chinese custom version of Ubuntu to make a fuss brand. The Chinese custom version of Ubuntu can be different from that of Ubuntu's trademarks and brand. Specifically, the new brand of Linux distribution is Ubuntu package with commercial exquisite Chinese character library, a few almost is almost free software, pricing is close to zero, but the census drawn can not be zero. This requires a lot of input, but it will not be a complete lose money trading. Whom? This reminds me of one thing, this time in Shenzhen Wu Bangtuo company bosses are Shenzhen Beijing-bound train on the T106, came to participate in Beijing's "World Software Freedom Day" celebration. I'm going to a formal proposal to him to do this. If all goes well, he U-disk products also can be "justifiably" show for the.

We can not look down upon Chinese Characters Ubuntu, and this is the biggest stumbling block into Ubuntu. A beautiful Chinese character library (including a variety of physical character) input should be continuously invested many years, continuously refined and improved. Chinese character library is the IT industry and our modern civilization's infrastructure. Chinese Characters Chinese fine equipment customized version of Ubuntu's future will be very good.

If Ubuntu's Chinese character library solved the problem, then, Ubuntu Chinese custom version of the software can be formally involved in the procurement bidding, to enter our schools, enterprises and government departments. Therefore, to solve the problem is very urgent Ubuntu Chinese character library, must act quickly. Computer accessories from the start as a U disk, they must solve this problem. In short, on Ubuntu, the address of its Chinese character library (a set of fonts is not enough) is a key issue of supporting the project, we must resolve.

Description: Ubuntu specialized equipment to the Chinese characters library brand to the Chinese custom version of the same name with Ubuntu, or prone to font property loss, or did he move. Ubuntu's day Chinese characters library problem is not resolved, then, Ubuntu's Chinese language is necessarily empty talk. Now is the time, Ubuntu Chinese character library must be addressed.

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